Professional Insurance Agents of Kentucky is the state organization dedicated to the independent agency system. Our agent members operate cutting-edge agencies and treat their customers like neighbors. Our company and partner members believe in Kentucky’s independent agency system, and work with us to ensure its continued success. Membership provides you instant access to a state and nation-wide network of like-minded associates who are there to help each other in keeping our industry strong and relevant.

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 Agency Membership    For: Agencies licensed and operating within the independent agency system.

Company Membership For: Businesses operating in the independent agency system.

Partner Member            For: Organizations supporting the independent agency system.

Explore the many benefits of membership including:

  • Events & Education
  • Industry Advocacy
  • Marketing Services
  • Insurance Products for You and Your Agency
  • Latest Industry News & Much More

To explore the many benefits of membership download the PIA of Kentucky Guide to Member Benefits.

All PIA of Kentucky members automatically become members of PIA National, and receive all the numerous additional benefits provided. Download the PIA National Guide to Member Benefits.

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