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The PIA Market Access Program is a wholesale market access program for PIA members, provided through partnership with InsureZone.

PIA Market Access is a wholesale market access program that will help PIA members access personal and commercial lines markets from a number of admitted “A” or better-rated companies. Agents submitting applications through the platform can receive quotes from many of these companies through a technologically advanced personal and commercial lines rater. PIA has negotiated an exclusive low monthly rate for the use of InsureZone technology and market access, and agents can expect to see competitve commission rates. Agents who enroll in the PIA Market Access Program will receive the first two months free.

Grow Your Book of Business With:

  • Access to more than 50 national and specialty carriers
  • Real-time rating for personal and commercial lines
  • Ownership of your book of business and no exit fees
  • Low monthly access fees
  • Higher PIA member commission rates

For more information visit PIA Market Access.
See current KY commercial carriers and products.
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Best of Both Worlds

If you already have your own carrier appointments but are seeking a comparative rater, you can join the PIA Market Access "Best of Both Worlds" Program and augment your existing carrier contracts with the InsureZone contracts within the platform. Agents using their own contracts will receive 100% of the commission on those sales.

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