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Many independent insurance agencies struggle to find top talent. PIA has partnered with IdealTraits to help solve this problem. 

How can IdealTraits help with your hiring needs?  If you use IdealTraits, you can streamline the hiring process to save time. As a PIA member, you can use this hiring tool to find top candidates quickly, send mass emails to candidates, and increase the number of applications.

What is it? IdealTraits is a platform tool that helps insurance agencies hire top performing sales and service staff. The tool helps with sourcing, recruiting, and hiring processes. If you are having trouble finding top talent, or you would like to improve your hiring strategy, IdealTraits may be the best solution for you. IdealTraits’ new PIA program ensures PIA members can use this comprehensive tool to hire top performers for their agencies. 

Step 1 - Post Jobs:  Build the best job postings with versatile templates for ZipRecruiter, Google for Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, and 100+ job boards. 

Step 2 - Applicant Tracking: View resumes, comment, rate, organize, and move your candidates through hiring stages.

Step 3 - Send Pre-Hire Assessments: Pre-screen candidates to predict job performance.

Step 4 - Identify and Hire: Use assessment results to identify strengths and weaknesses and hire the best candidate.  

PIA members can get started here with IdealTraits today

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