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 Why PIA?

PIA has been leading the way in insurance education since 1931. 

PIA of Kentucky brings you the most convenient and cost-effective insurance education programs throughout the state. We offer on-site courses in multiple locations, live webinars and on-line classes that allow you to customize your CE-approved and other education programs for yourself and your entire staff. 

We now offer the CE Pass, which provides for unlimited Kentucky CE credit so that licensed members of your staff who do not yet hold a designation can easily obtain their required annual education credits for the low price of only $45 per year.

Partnering with PIA for your continuing education is a smart move. We understand that our industry is characterized by change. New products are constantly being developed to address risks that weren't even imaginable a few years ago. Technology has advanced to allow us to better serve our accounts and to reach new customers. These advancements are good for our business, but only when we have a firm grasp of how to best utilize them within our individual agencies. We focus on offering the education and training to allow you to achieve your personal best and to use on-going change to your full advantage.

PIA is uniquely equipped to provide education to those in the independent agency system. 

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PIA of Kentucky Insurance Education Offerings Include:

  • CE-approved designation program
  • Insurance licensing CE credits and requirements
  • Networking events, regional conventions and conferences
  • New employee resources
  • Live and on-demand webinars
  • Scholarships
  • Online CE, including unlimited credits via our CE Pass program

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Do you have questions, suggestions or requests regarding continuing education? Contact our Education Coordinator, Sarah Burgin at

*Kentucky Continuing Education Law

  • The law requires CE for individuals licensed in the major lines of authority.
  • Twenty-four (24) hours of approved continuing education must be completed during each biennium. At least six (6) hours must be directly related to any line of authority for which the individual is licensed. At least three (3) hours must be ethics each biennium.
  • The 24 hour CE requirement is per licensed individual, regardless of the number of licenses held.
  • A licensed individual may receive credit hours for attending the same course only once during any reporting period (biennium).
  • You must attend a course in its entirety, no partial credit is given.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued to each licensed individual who attends an approved course. The licensed individual does not need to report attendance. The course provider is responsible for notifying the State of the CE classes attended.
  • CE does not apply to licensed individuals exclusively holding a non-resident license who have met the requirements in their home state or a limited line insurance license in surety, travel, limited line credit or crop insurance.

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