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At PIA, we’re not just E&O professionals, we’re independent agents just like you. We understand your needs and we know the marketplace. We have access to multiple markets, with differing appetites, so chances are we can find the coverage and price that’s right for you.

PIA of Kentucky has chosen to represent Utica National as our E&O carrier. And all PIA of Kentucky members receive a 10% discount!

Why Utica National

Competitors have come and gone, but Utica National has provided Agents’ Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage continuously for over 50 years. Over the years, we’ve continually improved our program to protect the assets and reputation you have worked so hard to build!

Here are 10 reasons you should choose Utica National. 

  1. Asset and Reputation Protection. We defend claims vigorously to help protect what you have established. We engage top litigators experienced in working with Agents’ E&O to provide you the best prospects for success.
  2. Longevity. We’ve acquired tremendous knowledge since 1966, especially in areas such as agents’ liability, which continues to grow more complicated in today’s legal environment.
  3. Solid Coverage. No two errors and omissions policies are alike. We can help you spot even subtle differences so you can make the best decision for your agency.
  4. Dedicated Claims Specialists. Our staff only handles Agents’ E&O professional liability. Having considerable proficiency requires thousands of hours of dedicated time and the opportunity to work in one area of expertise with laser focus. Our specialists put more than 100 years of combined experience in resolving E&O claims to work for you.
  5. Direct Access to Underwriters and Claim Specialists. When you need input regarding an E&O exposure or potential claim situation, you can speak to an underwriter or claims representative. There is no loss of privacy or missed opportunities for discussion, clarification or questions.
  6. Leading-Edge Risk Management. We work with agents’ associations and talk with policyholders to identify and address emerging issues and trends that may affect you. We deliver risk management strategies that mitigate loss potential. Our program results in a competitive, consistent and predictable E&O program.
  7. Accountability. If there’s ever an issue, you can contact anyone at Utica National – from our claims and underwriting manager to any senior officer, including our president and CEO.
  8. Mergers and Acquisitions. We have numerous tail options and provide counsel and peace of mind when you’re planning to retire, purchase or sell, or when you’re considering any perpetuation opportunities.
  9. Multiple Payment Options.  We have flexible payment options that do not require financing or interest charges.
  10. The Numbers. More than 10,000 agents have placed their trust in their state association and Utica National’s Agents’ E&O program.

Partner with Us to Bring Your Agency to the Next Level!

To Apply

Simply complete the online application form


Download and complete application and mail, fax or email it to:

Christi LeMay
P.O. Box 4205
Frankfort, KY 40604
Phone: (502) 875-3888
Fax: (502) 227-0839
Email: clemay@piaky.org

We will submit the application to the carrier for consideration.
We will contact you when we have received a quote for you or if we have any questions.

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